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Jane H Hauck

When she worked as a Nurse, ran abortion Clinic in NYC....but sent her children to catholic school

Jane H Hauck age 88 Of NY

According to info on web……Mother of Annie Hauck-Lawson

Annie Hauck-Lawson - Brooklyn College - CUNY


Schools "¢ Academic Departments "¢ Majors, Minors and Concentrations "¢ Interdisciplinary Programs "¢ Graduate Programs "¢ Doctoral Programs

Oct 15, 2008 – Annie Hauck-Lawson ...

"¢ WHEREAS, Bishop Kearney High School, Brooklyn, New York, has a proud

"¢ tradition of a strong educational program, founded in faith and encour

"¢ aging personal and educational development, coupled with commitment to

"¢ faith and to engaged citizenship; and

"¢ WHEREAS, The Bishop Kearney High School Hall of Fame honors outstand

"¢ ing members of the Bishop Kearney family and community who exemplify and

"¢ support Kearney's mission to educate young women and whose lives and

"¢ accomplishments exemplify the tenets of the school; and

"¢ WHEREAS, Robert Hauck truly merits such recognition; an

etcetc..lots of info online.......

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